Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome to my Table Top Gaming Blog

Welcome to "Fat Basilisk", my personal blog where I'll be posting about all sorts of things in my table top gaming hobby. This blog at first will seem to only be about one or two games, but I plan on posting about other games as well. It will all sort of depend on what games I'm trying out at the time. So there will be times where I'll be posting specifically about one particular game for a while, but eventually I'll talk about others.

A little bit about my tabletop gaming history....

My first exposure to gaming was with role playing games, specifically Dungeons & Dragons. That was way back in High School. Later on, my friends got me into Battletech, Car Wars, Ogre, and Rogue Trader. I played a ton of games during High School and into the first year of College. Games like the Marvel RPG, the DC Heroes RPG, Shadowrun, Robotech, Rifts, Torg, and many others. Then came a good long stretch of about maybe eight years where I didn't touch any tabletop war games, but I did still manage to continue playing RPGs. During my early twenties, I was playing the Street Fighter RPG a lot. Occasionally playing GURPS, World of Darkness, and Deadlands. Then 1998 rolled around and 3rd Edition Warhammer 40,000 came out. This would be my return to table top miniatures wargaming.

A bunch of my friends and I decided to get into 40k all at once. We were all new to the game and it was really fun learning it together. We all played 40k for many years. We played through third edition, through fourth edition, and into fifth. To this day, we still continue to play 40k.

Now it's 2011. Recently I've been trying to make time to try out other game systems. Some of the new games I've been playing have been Monsterpocalypse and Warmachine/Hordes. If the time and opportunity permits, I may also try out Infinity, Malifaux, and maybe Dust Tactics. Or heck ... even Anima Tactics. Whew! So many games out there! It's really been fun diving into a different games to experience all the things that come with learning something new. This is what the blog will be about. These new experiences. I look forward to writing posts about these new games.

Anyways, stick around and watch me try to unrealistically squeeze in as much gaming as I can.

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